Whether it’s waking up early to surf or packing up the car for a weekend trip, Nixon is all about enjoying the adventure of life. In order to enjoy that adventure, we need a healthy environment. We need to protect our playgrounds.

That’s why this month we’re teaming up with SeaTrees, an arm of the nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf.

A young mangrove tree sprouting

What Does SeaTrees Do?

SeaTrees provides a way for people to support communities around the planet by reforesting oceans. From planting kelp along the California coast to mangrove trees in Indonesia, SeaTrees is making a positive impact in the places that matter the most. These environments are rich in what's called "blue carbon," carbon stored in marine and coastal ecosystems.

Blue carbon ecosystems are extremely effective at storing carbon compared to other ecosystem types and are among the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Since 90% of all carbon is stored in these ecosystems, targeting them is an efficient way to address rising CO2 levels.

According to SeaTrees:

“Unlike other tree planting and carbon offset programs and projects around the world, the sole focus of SeaTrees is on blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. As surfers and ocean-lovers, we choose these spaces, because they’re the place where we play. As environmentalists and ocean-health activists, we focus on blue-carbon ecosystems because:

  1. They’re highly effective at carbon sequestration
  2. They’re critical ecosystems on the verge of collapse
  3. Methods exist to restore and regenerate these ecosystems
  4. The story to protect ocean health is powerful and compelling
  5. It’s not too late to act, but we must act fast

All SeaTrees projects provide significant social and economic benefits. Every project is assessed and measured against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

SeaTrees works directly with local community leaders to execute on projects. These leaders then provide SeaTrees with written and visual updates on ongoing projects. Plus, SeaTrees makes regular trips to visit projects and ensure their progress!

A SeaTrees partner preparing to plant mangroves

Global (and Local) Impacts of Ocean Reforestation

Check out these fast facts on why reforesting the ocean is important to us and why we've decided to work with SeaTrees.

  • 90% of all carbon in the global carbon cycle is stored in the ocean.
  • Mangrove forests sequester 5-10x more CO2 out of the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests.

Planting just 10 mangrove trees with SeaTrees has the following 5 effects:

  1. Approximately 1/2 day of living wages is created for local community members.
  2. Resources for local education are provided.
  3. Local villages are more protected from sea-level rise and storm surges.
  4. Increases local marine productivity and serves as nursing grounds for shellfish and fish.
  5. Has the potential to sequester over 3 metric tons of CO2 over a 25 year lifespan.

    The Nixon x SeaTrees Partnership

    For the entire month of April, Nixon will be turning purchases of our Sustainable Product collection into mangrove trees.

    Each product from the line that we sell in April will become a mangrove tree planted in the Biak Island Region of Papua, Indonesia.

    1 product = 1 mangrove tree.

    Overhead view of the Biak Region in Indonesia

    The Biak Region of Indonesia

    SeaTrees team in Indonesia

    SeaTrees planting mangroves in Indonesia with locals

    SeaTrees planting mangrove trees

    A planted mangrove tree in Indonesia

    How to Get Involved

    Getting involved and helping us plant mangrove trees in Indonesia is easy. There are two ways to make your impact:

    1. Visit our collection of Sustainable Products and make a purchase. We'll provide SeaTrees with funds to plant one mangrove tree for every product we sell from the collection.
    2. To learn more or to plant or gift SeaTrees, head over to https://sea-trees.org/collections/products-that-plant.